See "Books for Sale" for Kurt D. Lafy's most recent published release, a compilation of Civil War short stories centered on members of the 141st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. (Also available at Ben Franklin's in Towanda , and at The Sullivan Review in Dushore.)
About Kurt D. Lafy

Kurt D. Lafy was born in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and raised in Wysox Township. He was first smitten by the Civil War bug in 5th grade when his teacher, Mrs. Taylor, while discussing the war, pointed out the window to the graveyard next door and said, "There are men buried out there who fought in this war."

His yearning for Civil War knowledge has continued since, unabated. It was encouraged even to new heights upon the discovery that his very own Great Grandfather, George Benjamin Lafy, had served in the 50th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Kurt speculated about the emotions which George may have sensed. This set him on a deeper journey, writing about the war. From this grew a first book, "George, A Civil Warrior."

Next, as he had discovered where the 141st PVI had formed, in Bradford County, a quest was undertaken to locate the graves of all 1,000 soldiers of the 141st. A daunting task indeed. In the process, Kurt uncovered fascinating stories of the soldiers and their lives both during the war, and after. He began compiling these stories, man-by-man. As the scope of his knowledge about these men grew, he began to publicly speak about them. This led to the honor of being named Bradford County's Historian of the Year in 2011. As a direct result of receiving this honor, the author was contacted by the Rocket-Courier newspaper. Kurt began writing monthly articles about 141st soldiers. In addition to this writing, he second book, "Draped In Blue & Brave", was just released in June of 2013.

In 2012, Kurt, already a Civil War reenactor for a dozen years, formed Company A of the 141st PVI, a Bradford County based infantry reenactor group. Membership immediately grew. They participated in Bradford County's "Old Peoples Day" parade and were awarded the prize of first place. In August of 2012, on the Burkett farm in Smithfield Township, the reenactors staged a memorial weekend commemorating the 141st formulation 150 years earlier. The event was widely acclaimed throughout the county.

As Camp Commander of Bradford County's Sons of Union Veterans Camp, Kurt has spearheaded efforts to restore a GAR marker which rests in Riverside Cemetery at Towanda. As well, the Private Silas Gore Camp #141 has rededicated Civil War gravesites. Veterans Day of 2012 saw the Gore Camp honor eight fallen heroes spread over three different cemeteries. They also crossed into New York State and participated in ceremonies at two other sites.

The author's notoriety continues to expand. Pittsburgh radio station KDKA (the "world's first commercially licensed radio station", with an estimated listening audience of 10,000 people) has hosted Kurt on several occasions. Follow "News & Radio" on the left to find the listening links.

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