Draped in Blue & Brave
by Kurt D. Lafy

ISBN 978-1-62137-308-7, softcover; 978-1-62137-309-4, hardcover; 210 pages.

Kurt D. Lafy's long awaited second book is a compilation of Civil War short stories centered on members of the 141st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Men from Bradford County comprised sixty-five percent of the 141st PVI, and as Kurt discovered through his research, "If you take a tidbit of information and wrap historical circumstances around it, a poignant story grows."

While the majority of Civil War genre authors speak of battles and generals, Kurt is drawn to the ordinary soldier whose dedication to duty, and their heroics, are beyond ordinary. "While they may share common ordeals, each responds in their individual way." Draped in Blue & Brave allows glimpses into these soldiers' personal lives in inconceivable circumstances. The stories, all based on history, hold mostly to serious overtones but some are outright comical, as the men strive to make their way, the best they can, through America's great Civil War.

The common soldier of the day fought side by side with brothers and neighbors. To not let their comrades down, the men rose to the heights of the courageous. Bravery became more common than one would imagine. So common, in fact, that over twenty of the 141st PVI received the Kearney Cross for gallantry at the Battle of Chancellorsville. Place your mark on the enlistment form. Join the 141st PVI.

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George, A Civil Warrier George, A Civil Warrior
by Kurt D. Lafy

ISBN: 978-1-60264-207-2, softcover; 978-1-60264-208-9, hardcover; 256 pages.

War changes people, and George is no different. "George, A Civil Warrior" is the story of a civil war soldier dealing with the rough and human side of war. Lafy keeps the story focused on George, instead of the broader scope of the conflict, to give readers a true understanding on what these men had to deal with almost daily, such as the loss of a comrade, wishing for home and love, and so much more. "George" is a moving read and a different sort of civil war novel.

Join George, our Civil Warrior, on his journey both through the years of the American Civil War and from his innocence of youth to the gnarled veteran. Watch as he struggles with his ascent into advanced understanding of his own human frailties as one moral issue after another thrusts itself upon him in the never ending tumult of life and war. Learn through his letters home how he interacts with all of his family members and witness his handling of each. Laugh with him as he remembers his home. Cry with him as he weeps for lost comrades. Through it all, George desperately tries to maintain his human side even as life and war rip at his soul. March with George. Feel what he felt. See what he saw. Ponder his thoughts. Experience him living to extremes.

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